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Keith's Auto Repair

2220 South 300 East

Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone: 801 485-6092

   If no answer it's best to just drive over and talk to them - and most of the time they can help you right on the spot

Keith's Auto Repair is located in Salt Lake City, Utah on 300 East and approximately 2200 South

They have an excellent staff of mechanics and are not the typical high priced place like you get at dealerships and oil change shops. They have been located in this Sugar House location in our neighborhood for several years and have built a good reputation as a great neighborhood Automotive Repair place. Their shop does inspections too, and can usually find and fix problems on the spot. They are located right next to the Sugar House Trolley line on the West side of 3rd East.

They're always helpful with friendly, kind, and honest prices.