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Pictures of 1958 Chevy C10 Truck from the day I purchased it, to 2-1/2 years later after fixing it up.

Note: Please excuse blur in pictures but they're all I have for the before and after

Comes stock with 6 lug and 5-1/2 inch bolt patter (imaginary bolt pattern diameter):

Rochester 2 Jet Passenger side view (note fuel line enters on passenger side of Carb and leaking):

Rochester 2 Jet drivers side view. Carburetor Number: Rochester 2G 7023010 :

Rochester 2 Jet top view:

Right side view with Hood open. Shows rust on rockers, doors and front fenders (rear)
The rear of the front fenders were barely attached and flapped in the wind.:

283 Cubic Inch Engine. Firing Order: 18436572

I don't know why, but these Uni-points (points and condensor are one unit) gave me major problems. Had ignition stalls using them so replaced with seperate points and condensor which fixed the problems. Engine would die, any only start after removing and re-installing the points usually more than once:

Picture of inside the Distributor which i realized was not tightened down when I got home from buying the truck and driving it 50 miles home. I also found a small piece of metal floating around inside during a road side break down.

1966 Chevy C10 fuse box located inside cab behind clutch pedal:

1966 Chevy C10 on jacks for new tires (notice how jacks are placed behind the front wheels):

1966 Chevy C10 front view after body work:

1966 Chevy C10 front left after Body work, Power Steering, New Tires, Tune-up, rebuilt Carburetor, Fixed Wiring, and More.
Power steering gear box used was a Saginaw from a 3/4 Ton which meant even better steering and less work fitting to steering rod had a 1/2 Ton steering gear box been used. Also a new Power Steering pump for less than $90.00 at the local parts store:

1966 Chevy C10 photo-shopped image and made to look like an oil painting:

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